Charter School Board Governance Training

The Florida Department of Education approved program is organized into five distinct instructional units:

(1) Florida’s Sunshine and Public Records Laws;

(2) Conflicts of Interest;

(3) Board Ethics;

(4) Financial Responsibility; and

(5) Governance Responsibilities of Charter School Boards.

Each unit is developed and tailored to meet the needs of the charter school based on Florida statutes and standards of good governance.

Central to the program is the opportunity for charter schools to work closely with highly trained governance consultants who guide the board in the development of the skills and critical competencies needed to transform each board into a high performing governance team.

Governance Instructional Units

Florida’s Sunshine and Public Records Laws

• Legal requirements of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws
• Exemptions to the Sunshine and Public Records Laws
• Penalties for violations of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws

Conflict of Interest

• Key Elements of Conflict of Interest Policies
• Standards of Conduct for Board Members
• Disclosure and Recusal

Board Ethics

• Standards of Ethical Board Conduct
• Board and Staff Ethical Conduct
• Ethical Dilemmas

Financial Responsibility

• Board’s Legal Fiduciary Responsibilities
• Board’s Role and Responsibilities in Financial Oversight
• Board’s Role in the Budgeting Process
• Board’s Role in the oversight of the schools physical assets


• Roles and Responsibilities of the Collective Board
• Legal Duties of Individual Board Members
• Risk Management Procedures and Policies
• Relationship with Your Sponsor

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